General Rules :

  1. All library users must sign in the library register.
  2. User should maintain peace in the library and should not disturb other readers in the library. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  3. While entering the library, user should leave his/her personal belongings such as bags, personal books etc. at the counter reserved for this purpose.
  4. The Librarian may suspend library service of a student member for one month, if he/she misbehaves with the library staff.
  5. User of the library should not deface, mark, cut or damage the reading materials in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fined heavily, apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage.
  6. Talking or group discussion is not permitted in the Library.
  7. Use the library books and furniture very carefully.
  8. Eatables, Audio-Visual device,Mobile phones, and other equipments & their use is strictly prohibited.
  9. Every student entering in the library premises should have a valid college identity card.
  10. If a student so found without the Identity Card, no library facility for that day will be available to him/her.
  11. If any reference is required, student should approach the Librarian.
  12. All cases of disregard of these rules will be reported to the Principal for appropriate action.

Circulation Rules: 

1. Library Cards are non-transferable.

2.For making the Library Card, two Stamp-size photographs are required.

3.The holder of the Barrower card is responsible for the books borrowed by him/her

4.Books may be borrowed only against the library card issued to an individual.

5.Two library books will be issued to each UG student.

6.Five library books will be issued to each Full time Research scholars/Faculty Members.    

7.For students, books can be issued for a limited period 15 days, failing which an overdue charge Rs. 1 per book per day must be paid         

8.For Full time Research scholars/Faculty members, books can be issued for a period of one semester, failing which an overdue charge Rs. 2 per book per day.must be paid.

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